The Dating Dilemma

As the interest in online dating soars, so does the number of cybercrimes, misrepresentations and frauds. (Read Huffington Post article: Online Dating Scams: Buyers Beware). Many subscribers soon become disgruntled, and switch back and forth from one website to another, in hope of eventually finding a successful match that lasts a long time. Others look at the online dating as a game, a hobby, or a way to combat loneliness and depression.

According to a recent article by New York Times, women spend hours and hours every day to sift through hundreds of emails and invitations. This limits their time that could be spent to read the profiles carefully, or to develop a relationship and know the person they just met, long enough to make a rational and informed judgment. As a result, they end up ignoring many legitimate requests; reply with short and superficial exchanges, or in a long string of short messages -- often limited to only a few words.

Men experiences are different. They do not get many messages, so they often tend to write or send winks/flirts to a large number of people, hoping one eventually responds, and even then they have to go through long strings of usually meaningless messages, short in length and long pauses in between, if they ever make it to meet their potential mates in person. 

Other complaints common between men and women are the lack of originality, candor, and humility – member profiles are very similar– all claim to be romantic, family-oriented, good-looking, trustworthy, and have successful businesses, they all like beach walks and candlelight dinners, live concerts, and outdoor activities. All have their best pictures posted -- whether it was taken by a professional photographer, or was taken 5-10 years ago when they looked their best.

Many entrepreneurs exploit the market by developing forums and platforms that facilitate such interactions. Much of the features provided by these sites are redundant, or similar in functionality. Some are outright fraud. The search engines are often ridiculously rudimentary, and return the same matches, no matter what your search criteria specifies, or how many times you say that you are not interested in a particular person.

Many subscribers approach their potential mates solely based on their physical features and proximity, without spending time to read their profiles carefully, and see whether they truly have anything in common. For many sending daily mass and often cliché emails to tens of subscriber has become an addiction, or a game. Scammers prey on the innocents by posting fake profiles, or provide information which is categorically false or at best highly inaccurate. How many times have you or your close friends been engaged on long communications only to find out that you have been corresponding with a person who is not the person you thought them to be, are many thousands of miles away from town they claimed to live in, or they got involved in some sort of emergencies and asked you to send them money? How many times have you met a person that resembled the picture you saw on their profiles, or held a job that they claimed to have? 

Samsara360 is pleased to lunch soon a revolutionary concept that eliminates much of the inconveniences that exist in the current dating websites. It has an advanced search engine that allows accurate searches, respecting your wishes not to view or receive messages from people you have already declined, or not meeting your criteria. It makes sending mass emails practically impossible, and stops all scams. In short Samsara360 is your gateway to a healthy, innovative online dating. And best of all, you do not have to pay a penny, unless you have already made your date plans and got a confirmation.

We are keeping our words. We do not have any hidden fees. We do not try to offer you any teaser fees, activation fees, or monthly subscription with automatic renewals. Just try it, and you’ll be surprised how transparent we are. Stay tuned. You are for a thrill!!

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